Vouchers and The Public School; A letter to Oklahoma Senators regarding SB 609

Attached below is a copy of the letter I sent to every Oklahoma Senator expressing my concerns in regards to SB 609 which would enable parents to fund their child’s private/charter school education using Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) containing Oklahoma taxpayer dollars:


I urge you to please vote no on SB 609.

I ask for various reasons:

There is a significant lack of accountability in these programs. Oklahoma taxpayer dollars will be sent to Private schools without any measure of improvement in the individual’s education.

Although the argument has been made that vouchers will allow for parent “choice,” this idea of choice is false. Private schools are not required to accept all children, as Public schools are and they can choose to turn down children for numerous reasons (Enrollment limits, religion-based education).

These vouchers will expand the amount of schools that Oklahomans will be funding; they will be funding not only Public schools but Private schools as well. It makes sense that we should put all education funding toward improving the schools that accept all Oklahoma children. It is the duty of Oklahoma legislators to “establish and maintain a system of free public schools wherein all children of the State may be educated” (Article 13, Section 1, Oklahoma Constitution) To maintain these schools, they must be funded properly. Underfunding has and can continue to take its toll on Oklahoma schools by reducing amount of teachers in a school which in turn increases the amount of students in a classroom. Multiple sources of evidence prove that large class sizes have negative effects on student performance.

It should be the mission of all Oklahoma leaders to make the public schools of Oklahoma the best in the Nation. This cannot be done by making our Public Schools weaker.

As an Oklahoma student, I am urging you to please invest tax dollars into improving our public schools and the education of public school students. Please choose all students. Please vote No on SB 609.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

M. Jayden Mills
​Sophomore Student​

The emails for each Senator can be found on the link:


I found it is easier to open the list as an Excel spreadsheet and copy and paste them to the address bar.

I urge you to please write/call the Senators- not just your senator- and ask them to choose ALL Oklahoma children by voting No on SB 609.


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