The Future is in Our Hands


I have enjoyed school since the day I stepped foot into Head-Start at age four. The trend had set- I love school. By Pre-Kindergarten, I was wearing ties to school to match my role model and teacher, Mr. Jeffries. First grade, I got a dry-erase board- I remember going home to “play school” in my bedroom where I had “students”, and “worksheets” and “play areas.” I always enjoyed helping my teachers out by writing on the board, changing the date, or stapling papers. (You know, all the fun stuff!) Then, by middle school, I enjoyed office-aiding. My freshman year, I began participating in #oklaed online chats which I still participate in now. These chats have opened my eyes and my opportunities in unbelievable ways. I have had the opportunity to chat about education with educators, administrators, students, politicians, and others who are passionate about education across the state. My love for learning, my awareness of education’s impact, and my motivation for public schools have been forever affected by #oklaed.

Talking to people from all of education’s corners has given me insight and challenged me to be involved. And this is how I’m doing it- I will continue to follow and participate in #oklaed chats every Sunday evening at eight. I will be an avid learner, always willing to take in information because that it the only way to be able to understand public education and its status in our state. I will have an open mind because, of course, simply learning information is useless unless you choose to let it change you- being open minded is the only way you can communicate with people and be productive. I will respond to change with a positive attitude because, does responding any other way actually accomplish anything? I will pay attention to what is going on in our legislature, especially to that which pertains to public education. I will vote. (As soon as I’m legally able) And vote. And vote every time there is the opportunity because I understand that There is no way I can be represented in my government if I choose not to represent myself in the voting booth.

We must find ways to be active. Because right now, your state legislature is getting ready to give money from Public Education to private schools (with no accountability) in the form of education savings accounts. Because right now, your state government continues to make monetary cuts that are damaging the quality of education Oklahoma students receive in more ways than one. If you’re a parent, then these are your children. And if you’re a student, then it’s you. But regardless of your relation to education- if you’re an Oklahoman, then this is your future.

If you’re not registered, register. Whether you register a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent, please register and please vote. And vote education.

Be aware. Be active. This is our future.

-Jayden Mills

Chickasha Junior



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