It’s your choice

Tomorrow is an important day in the life of our Democracy. Super Tuesday will begin in Oklahoma at 7am and polls will close at 7pm. If you’re thinking about voting, but not sure where you vote or what party you’re registered as click here, and follow the steps! If you’re thinking about not voting in the President Preferential Primary because you don’t like any of the candidates (Because, really, it’s difficult to find a good one), don’t let that stop you! It is still essential that you make your voice heard! Need more info? Information about presidential candidates can be found here plus this quiz can help!


“When you have a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.” -William James

Each American has a choice every election. By not voting, you are making a choice (And potentially, you’re absence in voting can make just as much of a difference in a candidate’s win as your presence in voting could have!) 58.3% of Oklahomans made a choice in November 2014- they chose not to have a voice. Think about the candidate you dislike most- if you miss voting, you could elect them with your absence!


Don’t be a political mime- you have a voice and you’ve got the chance to use it! Don’t forget to vote tomorrow regardless of the candidate you choose!

Chickasha residents- Tomorrow you vote in a general election for Mayor and City Council! I ask that you please think deeply about the future of the community of Chickasha and think about the candidates who will lead Chickasha to success.


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