The Cost to Our Future



My name is Jayden Mills. I am currently a junior in the Chickasha Public Schools district. I have attended Chickasha Public Schools since Pre-K. Everything I am and everything I’ve been and everything I stand for and everything I do can be linked back to some part of my roots at Chickasha Public Schools. I walk the halls of my school each and every day with a smile on my face. My mantra- “Positive thoughts yield positive results.”


Each and every day, I see the results of underfunded public schools. I see teachers who purchase their supplies for their own classrooms. I see teachers who have put money into their college education so that they can now put money into my high school education. I see students who take core classes online because we simply do not have enough teachers to teach the classes necessary. (I’m one of them and with a 4.0 GPA, I’m still struggling and yearning for the interaction that exists within a traditional classroom) I see teachers who struggle to do their job because there are thirty-five students in their too-small classroom. I see students who struggle to experience real, deep, genuine learning because there are thirty-five students in their too-small classroom. I see the stress in the teachers, administrators, faculty, and yes, students each time we see a cut to education in our state budget. I see the loss of desktop printers in my teachers’ classrooms (The inconvenience in that ought to be obvious), the loss of funds in my choir department, the loss of funds in my peers’ theater and band departments, and the loss of legitimate education during the entire month of April each year because of the obstacle that is End Of Instruction tests.


I have read HB 2949 and SB 609. I have studied material- from both sides- regarding Education Savings Accounts and I am obligated by everything mentioned in the second paragraph to ask you to please not further the damage done to my public school and public schools all across the state of Oklahoma by voting yes to vouchers. Vouchers will divert more funds from my school, from our schools. We cannot take another cut in funds. We cannot lose another teacher to a better paying state. We cannot see another teacher empty his wallet into his classroom. We cannot have another student taking Trigonometry on the Internet. We cannot add another student into my 6th hour class. We cannot see another student drop out because he can’t be successful with the current teacher to student ratio. We cannot lose another luxury like Expo markers. We cannot lose another fine arts class. We cannot lose another day of hands-on, deep-thinking classroom interaction because we have to take tests that don’t reflect who we are as students, as Oklahomans, and as people.


We cannot afford to give money that we don’t have to privately owned education models that revolve only around money, and not Oklahoma’s students. We cannot afford to give money that we don’t have to schools that are not held accountable by the same standards to which our public schools are. Our future cannot afford it.


Choking someone out and then claiming that they are no longer successful because of their inability to breathe is wrong. Listen to my teachers- they see my friends and me every day. They cry for me, laugh with me, joke with me, they are proud of me, and they love me. And the same goes for them with my peers.  Let them be a voice for us.


Please support our public schools. Please support my public school. Positive actions yield positive results.


Please vote no on HB 2949 and SB 609. Our future cannot afford it.


Jayden Mills

Chickasha Public School Junior


    1. I’m so very proud of you jayden you keep up the good work by your support and willingness to fight for our school district.


  1. Excellent! Education should be NUMBER ONE in this state. It is the only way to improve the conditions that exist here. When you remove HOPE from a student, you have poor results.
    Our Governor needs to put education and it’s funding first. Cut the pay of the public legislators if need be…..I will vote NO for you and the future help needed in education.

    What happened to the money supposed to go to education fro Horseracing, the lottery, the casinos? We might just check her pockets!

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  2. Excellent post, Jayden. It is wonderful to read a student’s perspective on this issue. Thanks for taking the time to research this issue and articulately voice your opinion!

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  3. Very brilliantly written, Jayden. You are a wonderful representative of public school education. Keep speaking up, and know you aren’t alone.

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  4. You are a perfect and wonderful example of public education! Please continue to advocate for yourself and other students in public education. Young people like you give us hope for a bright future for everyone!


  5. Very well said, Jayden. Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns and speaking up for all public school students. Younger students need you to advocate for them. You have done so in a very positive, professsional manner!


  6. Thank you for appreciating your “public” educators and advocating for public education. Keep up the good work!


  7. Thank You So Much Young Man for your Research and Your Heart and Passion On This Matter…My Vote Is No.


  8. Thanks so much for your input on this mater. My wife and I both work in public education and seeing this made me realize this is why we do what we do.


  9. Great words from a very well educated young person. I have a daughter and her husband who are looking to leave Oklahoma to teach. The funds being cut from our children’s education is horrendous. Some one in government better open their eyes. Too much of our money for education is going somewhere else.


  10. Powerfully written. Words do have enormous influence. Jayden, it is joyous to read this and recognize the conviction that your education drives your leadership, not just today on this issue of the impoverished, Oklahoma Public Education System, but knowing that your voice is now being heard in higher education journals and by the press. Those that superintend your education will find themselves incapable of ignoring your voice.

    Well done, friend. Stand Firm.


  11. So proud to see a young person from my hometown speaking out about what’s right. Keep striving for the truth to be heard, and maybe someday YOU will be the one standing before Congress helping to make this situation right for millions of kids.


  12. Everyone! Please Share this remarkable heart-felt plea from a studen’t wise perspective ! get the message out there!


  13. Way to go Jayden! Thanks for supporting teachers and standing up for free education for ALL Oklahoma students….vouchers create elite schools with elite students…..making public education suffer! Good Luck with your future….I’m sure you will go far!


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